With a more than three (3) years planning, SUNRISE Property now becomes the newest division of SUN Education Group that focuses on theĀ  investment needs of of capital owners, especially parents who send their children to study abroad.

SUNRISE Property helps organize financial management strategy through a diversified investment and better future planning through property investment in Australia. This is done while providing solutions in student accommodation option that often this cost makes up nearly 50% of the cost of living (source: data from the SUN counselor Education).

Without a good and precise financial planning, there are many parents who are not financially prepared when their children grow up and want to study in the city of their dreams.

In contrast to the company or agency that sells overseas property, we help consumers to become investors, using little capital to get an outstanding result or return on investment (ROI).


SUNRISE Property offers investment options based on the growth of real estate in Australia, the most popular and enthused study destination by the people of Indonesia. State kangaroo shown to have growth this exceptional property offers opportunities for foreign investors including from Indonesia who want to invest.

Australia is a country where more than 55% of the population is foreigners, and with the high arrival rate (both professional and student), the rental price / cost of accommodation is naturally very high. Accumulated property occupies more than 40% of Australian assets (source: corelogic.com.au).

Property investment in Australia has a banking system that is very different from Indonesia, where the loan-making system and risk management in the country are very pro to customer needs.

We choose for you the best property in Australia, ranging from the city of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. Later, we will match the criteria of the property to your needs. We also believe that the interests of the investment must be balanced with the utmost security.

If you are interested to ask and have the intention to invest, either for the accommodation needs of children as well as a pure investment, please contact SUNRISE Property at 021 582 0606.

SUNRISE Property, Building Prosperity through Property.